h e a l t h



The health and safety risks are evaluated and taken into account to offer the best possible prevention and protection to our workers. Such evaluations take into account for example, the choice of work equipment, the chemical substances or preparations used, the fitting-out of work places etc.

Our prevention program seeks to avoid risks wherever possible, otherwise to:

【a】evaluate the risks which cannot be avoided
【b】combat the risks at source
【c】replace the dangerous by the non or less dangerous
【d】create a healthy work environment and thus reduce the need for specific protection devices
【e】give appropriate instructions

We have in place a health surveillance plan, which is designed for each worker on the basis of the specific risks assessment for his/her function. Each worker receives health surveillance by the company doctors at regular intervals and on demand.

Furthermore, we have also started some health risk prevention campaigns, such as for example:
【a】 Free voluntary vaccination against flu
【b】Anti-smoking campaign





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