Customer Manufacturing



Confidentiality an disclosure
agreement(When appropriate)

Review by Legal Dept. and Technical
Team(When appropriate)


Chemieliva Evaluates the enquiry

- Yes/No answer (within 1 week)
- If Yes, lab work starts within 2 weeks

1-2 weeks

Development proposal

Development Work
Analytical agreement

Project Team defined. It includes :
-  1 Project manager (commercial)
-  1 PhD Chemistry
-  1 analytical expert
-  1 Pilot expert

Technical exchange with customer

4-8 weeks

Pilot production

Analytical sample provided, for quality approval
From kilo-lab quantity to 100 kg

1-3 months

Customer approval

First industrial campaign

Pilot and first industrial campaign can be run almost

in parallel for quantities from 100 kg to several tons

Routine production

We will try to reduce the production

cost to ensure the customer’s

interest to the most

We will sign long-term supplying agreement with customer

at the bulk supplying stage.

2-3 years





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