As a enterprise with good reputation, Chemieliva has its complete system for products returning policy,which
integrate the system of quality complaint, goods returning and payment refunding.
The guideline of Goods-returning polic as follows.


1. Open our website, link to "Any Question", after you enter into the page of "Any Question"
Please choose the enquiry type as products returning. please fill your comments in the form. Which can include your
complaint, quality issue, quantity issue, and any other issues related to goods returing.


2. Afer receive your enquiry regarding products returning, we will track the shipping date, and batch No.
For each shipment Batch, we leave a small sample on record. Then we will checking the quality for the sampe from the same batch.
If the testing result were proved not qualified, then we will accept the products returning. Thus we will refund the payment to you,
or re-send you the replacement product. But if our testing is positive, we will request you to provide HPLC/NMR/LC-MS or other spectrum to prove the quality isn't acceptable.Then we will have a further discussion or coordination.


3. All the cost arise from the product returning will be affored by Chemieliva.



4. The applicationo of products-returning will be submitted within 30 days after the receipt of the products. 

5. We only accept the goods returing, which has quality problem.

6. The refunding will be implemented within 30 days after the products-returning were confirmed with two parties.


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