H u m a n  R e s o u r c e s  || Management Philosophy

Through a happy working atmosphere and incessant personal development to achieve self actualization!

Recruitment We are looking for employees who have the heart for excellence! We work towards a continue upgrade of our human resources, not only through recruitment, but more importantly the development of internal talents.

【a】Remuneration We offer competitive remuneration packages to attract and retain qualified people! Our remuneration design is not only targeted to recruit the right people, but also with the flexibility to tailor-made for career development of our staff.

【b】Training and development We provide training to suit your career path! Our trainings are long term, of versatile nature and in many different forms; it will give you the personal development to meet your potential

【c】Evaluation and appraisal we highly value positive and communicative job evaluation! Good employees always treasure the opportunity to have an all-round evaluation; our evaluation system will give you the challenges and prepare you for higher achievements.

【d】A successful career path The success of the company relies on the success of each and every of its employee! Our human resources management will constantly review your career path development, so to work out with you the best options for your career planning. We will share your puzzles and joyfulness.



Words from the Human Resources Dept.
We are always looking for qualified people with big dreams to join us. Here you will find yourself working with a group of energetic, enthusiastic and challenging people. It is a team which can help you to fulfill your dream, and we also hope that you can help your colleagues to fulfill theirs.



What we offer you is not just a job opportunity, but a platform for you to work out your potential.
Our training and development programs will help you to sharpen your skill-sets, broaden your horizon, and prepare you for bigger responsibilities. However it will be your job performance, conscientiousness and determination that will guarantee your success.

Please Email to [email protected] if you are interested in working with chemieliva. 

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