Q U A L I T Y  C O N T R O L

Quality Management  
Chemieliva Brand stands for quality, trust and reliability, which come from the complete quality management. Chemieliva continuously improves the quality management through the implement of a complete, advanced, scientific quality management system according to current GMP, national and international standards. We guarantee that each product will be manufactured under strict controls, which consistently meet present standards of safety, efficacy, quality and purity. Quality is a conscious commitment and a permanent goal to match the high expectation of our customers. Excellence in quality systems will be achieved through the team effort with trained personnel. Quality is the responsibility of all persons involved in manufacturing.

Quality policy:
Implementation of the quality policy is done through quality systems based on current Good Manufacturing Practices in conformity with national and international standards. We are committed to ensure that every product manufactured consistently meets with preset standards of safety, efficacy, quality and purity.Excellence in products, processes and systems is to be achieved through active involvement, collective responsibility of our trained and professional employees.

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