C A R E E R S   A T  C H E M I E L I V A

We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join the Chemieliva team and contribute to our success.

We provide our employees with the chance to develop their professional skills in a dynamic and motivating environment.

What we look for in a candidate
As well as the ability to carry out their roles in a professional manner, we look for individuals with the following key qualities:

?  a passion for their work
?  the desire to keep learning and improving
?  a determination to meet their goals
?  an ability and willingness to working as part of a team

Our values
Our business culture is based on a strong set of values that we translate into concrete actions and activities every day. Our objective is that these values are fully shared by all those who join our company!

Join our team
Do you think that Chemieliva could be the company for you? Take a look at the current vacancies. If you can’t find what you are looking for but you believe you could strengthen our team, send us your CV.

 國際貿易業務員 || 長期有限






 化學合成人員 || 有效期至2015年8月31日前


  面試熱線:+86 (23) -67770219
  簡歷傳真至:+86 (23)- 67770220


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