Chemieliva is to support the growth of our customers on long term by providing secured supply on a cost effective basis 

C H E M I E L I V A  P H A R M A C E U T I C A L  C O . ,   L T D  main areas are:

A】Custom manufacturing of key intermediates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetology industry within
a dedicated cGMP plants (FDA inspected, GMP compliant);

B】Manufacturing of patented active pharmaceutical ingredients

 under cGMP guideline (FDA inspected and GMP compliant).


C】Today, the largest pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are routinely utilizing Chemieliva as their approved partner, developer and manufacturer for high-profile, proprietary compounds.

D】With the improvement of the economy, the quality of road become more and more important in the
transportation sector, and we can supply bulk of asphalt emulsifier for building good road under ISO system. We will increase the emulsifier of asphalt to 2000MT within 2011.


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