Hardware facility 

We used the most advanced equipment imported fromUSA,Germany,ItalyandJapanso that we can have hardware to keep a continuous innovation and creativeness on the development of the new products and quality assurance of regular products. There advanced facilities are equipped into the process from R&D center, pilot plants, mass production base to Testing & Analysis center.

Human Resources

Our human resources are key value to our success. We have a highly experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated team of chemical engineers, and over 30% of which are qualified to PhD level. Our team routinely delivers compounds to a stringent set of QC requirements and one of most important point is > 99% purity by HPLC or GC and other method. As a result chemieliva is quite welcome among the buyers and distributors and respected for delivering products of the highest quality.   

Our inspiration

Our inspiration begins with listening. We understand that our customers are unique and we will take the time to establish your requirements, whether it be for individual products or longer term collaborations. Also, we will put in place the necessary confidentiality agreement to give peace of mind that your IP will be respected.       

Delivering Results  

We know that results count. Except the regular products, the customer synthesis products are also our very important proportion of our business. It is very important to guarantee the lead time of these products. So we have the flexibility to prioritize custom work to ensure that we can always start your projects at short notice and we can ensure that the right chemists are assigned to projects that require their specific skills.

Making profits and rewarding the society

We never forget our original intention of establishing enterprise, when making the profit, and we should rewarding the society, and make the contribution to the society. 

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