In Shanghai, we established as a consultant firm in the chemical fields, and provided service Of synthesis route designing, patent information providing, technology transferring, and new Product launching support for the pharmaceutical company. During that time, we were acquainted with many important figures among the worldwide pharmaceutical giants, such as Pfizer, and Lilly.


In Nanjing, we established our lab under the   help of Professor Mr. Li Jiaoyu from ChinaPharmaceutical University. We accumulated many useful resources in the consultant firm, so we provide the customer synthesis for the international famous pharmaceutical companies(Laboratory   scale). Once this phase is successful, we will enter pilot scale phase. And there areother three factories can provide us Outsourcing service.


Chemieliva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established, and the assets from the Consultant firm and laboratory had been injected in this new company. We   formed the business scope from LaboratoryR&D, pilot scale manufacturing,   industrialization manufacturing to contract manufacturing serviceand   international trading


We signed the strategic contract with kimegle Industria e Comercio Ltda to engaged in the filedof emulsifier, which become another important business branch. 


We bought 37% stock right of acinopeptide Co., Ltd, which professionally engaged in the production of Amino and Peptide and their derivatives only.


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